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Distinct Programmes Inc. Description of Services

Distinct Programmes Inc. is a Service Provider with the ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program),
Employment Supports Program.

Our Primary Services Include:

arrowAssessment, career counselling, employment planning

arrowPreparation of curriculum vitae, cover letter

arrowJob search preparation

arrowJob search, job placement

arrowJob coaching and monitoring

arrowSupportive counselling, support coordination

arrowAttractive wage subsidies

Steve Su

Steve Su, of Distinct Programmes Inc., is one of the first Service Providers with the program. He is the owner, and all clients will work with Steve as their primary worker, or in conjunction with one of his Associates.

  steve su

Steve is best known for working with mental health referrals.
He is well respected in the mental health community, and receives many referrals from mental health
agencies and organizations in the community, hospitals, as well as from previous or current clients
who refer their friends or family to Steve, including satisfied clients who return to work with him.

Profile Summary

Steve Su
M.Sc. Rehabilitation Counselling, Specializing in Psychiatric Rehabilitation
O.A.M.H.P. Member, Executive Director/Owner of Distinct Programmes Inc.

arrow Over 35 years of experience in mental health, various physical and developmental/learning disabilities, psychiatric and vocational rehabilitation, case management, and counselling

arrow Experience with a range of community agencies and resources, hospitals, community health centres, and schools

arrow Languages: English, French, Cantonese

arrow Developer of 12 “Direct Skills Teaching Lesson Plans” – emotional, interpersonal and intellectual skills most commonly needed by clients, and purchased by social service agencies/organizations, schools and hospitals.

arrow Certified with “Employment Management Professionals”

arrow Certified in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

arrow Executive Director/Owner of Distinct Programmes Inc., Service Provider with the Ontario Disability Supports Program, Employment Supports, since 1999

arrow Member of O.A.M.H.P.. (Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals)

arrow Ongoing community volunteer serving meals to the needy in a local church (“Out of the Cold” program)

We help you succeed!

Distinct Programmes develops an effective, trusting, supportive and ongoing relationship with each and every client we work with, and tailors the support to whatever is required by the client. We work closely with family care providers and significant others on a cooperative team-like approach to give every chance possible for the client to be successful.

We are seasoned vocational health professionals in the community. Though most of our referrals are mental health, we have also worked with all types of physical disabilities over the past 21 years, including learning and developmental disabilities. We also receive a number of French referrals, and often work with all types of ethnic backgrounds; i.e. African, Somalian, Chinese, Lebanese, Haitian, European, Vietnamese, French, etc. Our clients can be serviced in English, French and Cantonese.

Distinct Programmes Inc. works collaboratively with a number of community partners to increase individual networks and resources and maximize options for success (see Community Partners Page)

We have helped clients with almost every type of employment over the years, and we strive on keeping good relationships with existing employers that hire from our client pool. No matter what kind of job goal we are prioritizing, we use every strategy and resource at our disposal to help that person reach his or her goal. We typically use a very direct approach in contacting the key hiring personnel, whether it is the manager, director, or owner of the business, company, or store. It does not matter whether the job is entry level or highly skilled – we will always strive to find a way to penetrate the job market and help the client succeed. We make it happen, and we don’t waste unnecessary time that does not directly impact the client and their goals.

In collaboration with Employment Ontario Service Providers, we sometimes arrange subsidies with many employers with great success, and therefore a win/win situation for all, and the client starting to work with pay immediately. One of the main reasons we succeed is that we persist and persist, and we vow to every client that we will never give up on them unless they choose to stop their employment process and plan themselves.

Applying for ODSP Employment Support

One can apply for ODSP Employment Support through contacting their ODSP Case Worker. or just contacting Steve at Distinct Programmes Inc. directly who will take care of the referral/application process immediately. If you are not an ODSP recipient, you are also eligible for the program, with the requirement of providing a physician’s letter stating your disability. You can take as much time as you want to secure employment. However, we will always attempt to identify an appropriate job goal and find the right employment match as soon as possible.

Once the client starts paid employment, he or she will continue to be supported by the Service Provider for up to 33 months following the first 13 weeks of accumulated employment (15 months for non-ODSP recipients). The client will be supported in keeping the job. If the client loses the job for any reason, he or she is assisted again in finding new employment if needed. The client is always continually supported as well in finding a better job if he or she wishes, while in the current job, or advancing in their current position. Service Providers are not “placement agencies”. Rather, they support the client in as much or as little as they want and/or need. Therefore, the level and type of support will vary between individuals. A client may also receive other supports in the community related to their employment goal and plan. The Service Provider will be the primary and overall coordinator of these services.

Steve meets with the client for an initial intake meeting at which time a goal is quickly determined, and immediate steps to satisfying that goal; i.e. Steve will prepare or revise the curriculum vitae as needed, then begin contacting employers to set up interview meetings (or coach the client to do so independently if preferred). Steve will ideally accompany the client to the interview meeting to secure the hiring, and then monitor and coach as needed to ensure continued success and satisfaction for both the client and the employer.

Past clients almost always return to Distinct Programmes, and clients who have not been satisfied with other Service Providers have often come to Distinct Programmes afterwards.

If you would like any additional information, please feel free to to contact: steve@distinctprogrammes.com

All the best, and good luck to you and your clients in the quest to find meaningful employment!


Executive Director/Owner of Distinct Programmes Inc.


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